Resultados Astronomia
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O Cometa Da República (2010)FragaCampos177
Stephen Hawking on Black Holes (2016) * MVGroup*ibbins050
Five Greatest Images of the Solar System (2016) *MVGroup*ibbins152
Planet 9 from Outer Space (2016) *MVGroup*ibbins050
The Real Star of Bethlehem (2015) *MVGroup*ibbins032
Deadliest Space Weather (2013)ibbins4224
Worlds in Collision - Dr Immanuel Velikovksy (1973)ibbins026
The Sharpest Show of the Universe (1990)ibbins03
Second Earth (2015) *MVGroup*ibbins0138
Volcanoes of the Solar System (2015) *MVGroup*ibbins067
Search for Alien Planets (2000)VitDoc188
The Pluto Files (2010) *MVGroup*Rui_Ferreira042
Playing with a Clockwork Universe (2015) *MVGroup*ibbins073
Universo (2014)ibbins6334
Riding the Stack (1987)ibbins07
Resolution on Saturn - The Rings (1981)ibbins010
Cosmic Blasts (2015) *MVGroup*ibbins077
The City Dark (2012) ibbins3111
Mission Pluto (2015)VitDoc10174
Pluto Revealed (2015) *MVGroup*ibbins060
Mars Alive (1993)ibbins012
Hunt for the Doomsday Asteroid Update (1995)ibbins05
Halley's Comet - The Apparition (1985)ibbins09
Encounter with Jupiter (1980)ibbins09
Death of a Star (1988)ibbins018
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