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The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony (1999)Vasco_da_Gama019
Thomas Jefferson (1997)Vasco_da_Gama242
Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio (1991)Vasco_da_Gama017
Thomas Hart Benton (1988)Vasco_da_Gama016
The Congress (1988)Vasco_da_Gama012
Huey Long (1985)Vasco_da_Gama012
The Shakers: Hands to Work, Hearts to God (1984)Vasco_da_Gama09
Brooklyn Bridge (1981)Vasco_da_Gama012
The Vietnam War (2017) *MVGroup*ibbins6238
Defying the Nazis - The Sharps' War (2016) *DHD*djtjroo5154
Mark Twain (2002)ibbins9237
Cancer - The Emperor of All Maladies (2015)ibbins3245
Prohibition (2011)ibbins8271
Cancer - The Emperor of All Maladies (2015) *Lusitano27BC*ibbins6386
Cancer - The Emperor of All Maladies (2015) *MVGroup*FragaCampos1140
The Tenth Inning (2010) *MVGroup*ibbins030
The Roosevelts - An Intimate History (2014) *MVGroup*ibbins097
Mark Twain (2002) *MVGroup*ibbins169
The Address (2014) *MVGroup*ibbins052
Ken Burns On the Record (2012) MVGroup*ibbins151
The Statue of Liberty (1985) *MVGroup*FragaCampos357
Frank Lloyd Wright (1998) ibbins1101
The Dust Bowl (2012) ibbins10359
Lewis and Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (1997) *MVGroup*ibbins042
The Central Park Five (2012)mvm5125
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