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Prediction By The Numbers (2018) *Vários*Vasco_da_Gama5139
Magic Numbers - Hannah Fry's Mysterious World of Maths (2018) *MVGroup*Vasco_da_Gama3220
The Story Of 1 (2005)FragaCampos0368
The Joy of Data (2016)ibbins2146
Math And The Rise Of Civilization (2012)Fragha5563
Climate Change By Numbers (2015)ibbins6396
The Great Math Mystery (2015)ibbins2328
How to Find Love Online (2016) *MVGroup*ibbins187
Tails You Win - The Science Of Chance (2012)ibbins9425
The Joy Of Stats (2010)ibbins4214
The Code (2011)ibbins7187
Science In A Golden Age (2015)FragaCampos11118
The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms (2015) *MVGroup*leibniz11895
The Great Math Mystery (2015) *MVGroup+Lusitano*tomafonso7744
Comment J'ai Détesté Les Maths (2013)leaknowledge6208
Concepts in Precalculus I: Trigonometry (2006)VitDoc2433
Göttingen and New York: reflections on a life in mathematics, Richard Courantpsdias0834
A Man Following a Different Path: A Lesson from Perelman (2011)ibbins3180
Concepts in Algebra: Ratios and Proportions (2006)VitDoc4240
Concepts in Precalculus II: Limits, Infinity and Probability (2006)VitDoc9210
Discovering Math: Advanced Number Concepts (2006)VitDoc0111
Concepts in Business Mathematics: Economics and Finance (2006)VitDoc4129
Concepts in Geometry (2005)VitDoc0277
Math and the Rise of Civilization (2012) *mvm*ibbins5618
The Birth Of Calculus (1986)machadoricardo61434
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