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Dogs (2018) *PiA*Vasco_da_Gama0136
And Man Created Dog (2010)Micael2342
Extraordinary Dogs (2011)JFFP0639
Dogs Decoded (2010)VitDoc038
Woof! A Horizon Guide to Dogs (2012)Felipe.NS1845
Woof! A Horizon Guide to Dogs (2012) *MVGroup*ibbins4227
Breed All About It (1999-2006)irineudocs6205
Canine Confidential (2007)Web-Man290
Dogs 101 (2011)Gor094
Science of Dogs (2009)croaton268
Brilliant Beasts (2007) *spinky/irineudocs*Charles Darwin7375
And Man Created Dog (2010) *MOMENTUM*Charles Darwin5147
The Canine Conspiracy The Cat Connection (2009)Charles Darwin294
The Secret Life of The Dog (2009)FragaCampos13770
The Secret Life of the Dog (2010) *MVGroup/manic*FragaCampos3358
Dogs and more Dogs (2004)zilrro198
Pedigree Dogs Exposed (2008) *MVGroup*MVGroup2131
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