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Discovery: Cleopatra's Palace - DianaP
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Discovery: Cleopatra's Palace

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Cleopatra's Palace and the ancient Egyptian wonders of Alexandria are now on display -- only in this exclusive video. You're there as an historic underwater expedition explores the sunken lost city where the Queen of the Nile walked, talked and created a legend. Never-before-seen footage offers a stunning glimpse of the temples and palaces that slipped into the sea around the fourth century.

Block by Block, statue by statue, Cleopatra's magnificent home emerges from its silt tomb at the bottom of the Mediterranean thanks to revolutionary sonar technology and one man's ceaseless dedication. Join underwater explorer Frank Goddio and his team of undersea divers and scientists as they uncover the remarkable artifacts, including:

* A rare statue of the Great Priest of Isis
* The first detailed map of the Royal Quarter's layout
* Two sphinxes, one of which is believed to be of Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra's father
* A large black granite head believed to represent the Roman emperor Augustus
* A larger-than-life, white marble statue depicting a Ptolemy king in the form of the god Hermes
* Wooden remains of a pier dating from the fifth century B.C.
* A mysterious shipwreck that could date back to 90 B.C.

This Discovery Channel production is a thoroughly entertaining documentary, narrated by Omar Sharif, on the undersea search for Cleopatra's lost palace. Locating the palace was as difficult as finding one needle in a pile of hundreds of thousands needles, because the geographical area has shifted greatly due to earthquakes, tidal waves, and storms. However, through state-of-the-art sonar technology and an eternal supply of perseverance, the science team was able to find this lost treasure. Omar Sharif's voice is captivating as we watch the underwater archaeological dig and he explains what they find. The team's discovery of statues, maps, and a mysterious shipwreck is thrilling. The narrator's objectivity allows the remarkable process of finding this rare treasure to shine on its own. According to the documentary, the artifacts can only be seen on this video, as they are not on display in a museum.
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O conhecimento governará sempre a ignorância...


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Re: Discovery: Cleopatra's Palace - DianaP
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A tradução vai sensivelmente a 1/5!


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Re: Discovery: Cleopatra's Palace - DianaP
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Pena que foi interrompida.