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The Pleasure of Finding Things Out - Netyon
« em: Segunda, 19 de Janeiro, 2009 - 16h04 »
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Biography Documentary published by BBC broadcasted as part of BBC Horizon series in 1981 - English narration


Richard Feynman was one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists and original thinkers of the 20th century. He rebuilt the theory of quantum electrodynamics, and it was for this work that he won the Nobel Prize in 1965.

In 1981, he gave Horizon a candid interview, talking about many things close to his heart.

"THE PLEASURE OF FINDING THINGS OUT was filmed in 1981 and will delight and inspire anyone who would like to share something of the joys of scientific discovery. Feynman is a master storyteller, and his tales -- about childhood, Los Alamos and the Bomb, or how he won a Nobel Prize -- are a vivid and entertaining insight into the mind of a great scientist at work and play."

"The 1981 Feynman Horizon is the best science programme I have ever seen. This is not just my opinion - it is also the opinion of many of the best scientists that I know who have seen the programme... It should be mandatory viewing for all students whether they be science or arts students"
- Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry

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Re: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out - Netyon
« Responder #1 em: Segunda, 19 de Janeiro, 2009 - 16h38 »
Um dos documentários mais míticos da série Horizon.

Grande escolha! :cool:
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