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How The Universe Works (2010)FragaCampos544489
Size Matters (2010) *MVGroup*punx7771178
The Known Universe (2009-2011) [Seasons 1-2]punx777321585
What is One Degree? (2011) *MVGroup*FragaCampos7485
What Is Reality? (2011) *MVGroup*FragaCampos151072
Einstein Revealed (1996)Ricas13281912
Einstein Revealed (1996) [DVD-r+DVDrip] *Wolverine/magumma*punx777241629
Earth's Force Field (2009) *MVGroup*FragaCampos16553
What Happened Before The Big Bang? (2010) *MVGroup*FragaCampos191181
Storm Worlds (2010) *spinky*punx7772433
How The Universe Works (2010) [1.ª Série] *vários*AndreFillipe261901
Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking (2010) *CtrlHD/MVGroup/spinky*punx777282185
Physics of the Impossible (2009) [Épocas 1 e 2] *MVGroup/irineudocs*punx777884760
Through the Wormhole (2010-2013) [Épocas 1 a 5] *Vários*FragaCampos1105290
Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong? (2010) *MVGroup*FragaCampos13960
Supermassive Black Holes (2000) *NOGRP/jvt40*punx77710530
Cosmic Monster (2009) *DiCH*punx7772110
Can We Make A Star On Earth? (2008) *REMAX/SMF/WnA*Charles Darwin11715
Absolute Zero (2007) *MVGroup*zilrro202318
The Secret Life of Chaos (2009) *MVGroup*FragaCampos241573
Espaçonave Terra (2004)punx77763257
Cosmos (1980) *Vários*punx777783115
From Aristotle to Hawking (2007) *Cf*Aurélio121422
Nuclear Soldiers (1999) *Charles Darwin*punx77714460
Nuclear Soldiers (1999)punx77711866
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