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Concepts in Geometry (2005)VitDoc0282
Math and the Rise of Civilization (2012) *mvm*ibbins5622
The Birth Of Calculus (1986)machadoricardo61650
A Mathematical Mystery Tour (1984-1985)ibbins4138
The Story Of Maths (2008)ibbins3435
The Midas Formula (1999) *MVGroup*ibbins2106
The Joy Of Stats (2010) *C4TV+MVGroup*tomafonso9226
N Is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös (1993)zegabriel9311154
The Legacy Of Pythagoras (2010)Felipe.NS11244
Tails You Win - The Science Of Chance (2012) *MVGroup*tomafonso8286
Beautiful Equations (2010)Felipe.NS11024
The Music of the Primes (2007)nagol.dpa21564
Beautiful Equations (2010) *MVGroup*croaton9541
The Code (2011)Felipe.NS42136
How Long is a Piece of String? (2009)Felipe.NS11011
A Brilliant Madness (2002)nagol.dpa11948
The Spell of the Poincaré Conjecture (2008)ibbins20271
Britain's Greatest Codebreaker (2011) *YIFY/SONiDO*nagol.dpa15295
To Infinity and Beyond (2010)zegabriel9331683
L'Empire Des Nombres (2001) *psg*nagol.dpa3120
Power of Ten (1977)zegabriel937242
Why Maths Doesn't Add Up (2009)simaoabc21786
Why Math Doesn't Add Up (2009) *spinky/Nosegment*nagol.dpa23959
High Anxieties - The Mathematics of Chaos (2008)zegabriel93191011
High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos (2008) zegabriel9382645
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