Autor Tópico: Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex (2012)  (Lido 1013 vezes)

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Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex (2012)
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Thomas Sheridan - Stop Being Food for the Reptilian Complex (????)

Thomas Sheridan takes the viewer on a journey into and out of the labyrinth of the Babylon Mind with this fascinating film. For several thousand years the emissaries of Babylon in the guise of everything from educational bodies to mass media - have placed a consciousness parasite within the human mind.

 The purpose of this invader is to prevent us from reaching our incredible potential as humans. Always making us dependent upon them and the soul-suppressing systems they seek to keep us locked into.

 The human mind has long been conquered and divided. The imbalances between the left and right hemispheres of the human brain, along with our psychological pollution brought about by advertising and other forms of mind control, has degraded the human condition to the point were the inner beauty has been taken from us.

 Our ancestors built the pyramids, along with all the other incredible structures scattered across the planet because their consciousness was elevated and empowered - whilst modern humans are repressed and trapped into the smog of the Psychopathic Control Grid.

 In Breaking the Babylon Mind, Thomas takes the viewer out of the labyrinth and prepares the human consciousness for the next evolutionary leap. This is the story of our unknown submission to the Babylon Mind and the instruction manual for our eventual liberation.

 Through a series of striking visual vignettes, Thomas will demonstrate how this clandestine invasion of our consciousness came about, and how we can all decontaminate our psyche - while building a firewall around our consciousness to prevent any further incursions. Including exercises on right-brain enhancement, to teaching us to 'see' beyond the five sense matrix constructed to trap us, Thomas Sheridan delivers a spell-breaking opus to human psychological liberation as we stand on the cusp of new realities and potential.

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Note: Thomas has opened my eyes to what is really wrong in the world, and it's a subspecies of humans called the psychopath. It explains everything as far as why governments do what they do.

 This knowledge is very powerful due to the fact psychopaths are predictable and have many weaknesses that can be used to destroy their control and free ourselves.

 I put together everything I could find by Thomas, please give em a watch, because with good understanding of our enemy we can defeat them, and give our children a chance for a better life