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Diario Napoletano (1992)
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Diario Napoletano


Áudio em Italiano

Francesco Rosi returns to Napoli to record the political discourse after a screening of his 1963 documentary, 'Mani Sulla Citta' at a symposium held at the University of Architecture in 1992. The documentary commences with a juvenile lineup of petty criminals, apparently rounded up during a raid of the luxuriously unattractive 'Secondigliano' complex which is just one of the reputed strongholds of 'la Camorra' in Naples. Various academics, industrialists and students vent their opinions regarding the current state of Neapolitan affairs including crime, unemployment, drugs, politics and real estate. If you are unfamiliar with Naples, this documentary will provide a sense of a people coping with a difficult metropolitan crisis seemingly caused by corrupt government, poverty and the ensuing criminality associated with both.

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