Autor Tópico: The Human Quest (1996)  (Lido 227 vezes)

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The Human Quest (1996)
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The Human Quest


O link para a imagem é só de um episódio da série de 4. A powerful and most compelling presentation delving into the workings of the Human brain. This largely ignored series has been important for me personally in helping to explain the basis for behavior at many levels. Roger Bingham presents a lucid and fascinating body of information that would benefit any person who might be curious about who we are. The current TV series The Brain, continues to reveal the mysteries of human behavior. In this time of cell phone texts, internet social interaction and increasing polarization. These programs should be seen and discussed by us all. Unfortunately, most of TV "science" programming is NOT science but superstition and theater. These two programs rise far above the sad norms established by presenters driven by profit motives alone.