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Over The Madness (2007)
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Over The Madness


In a career that has spanned 20 years (and counting), Paradise Lost have sold a staggering two million albums worldwide. Their constant reinvention and brazen attitude to musical experimentation has always allowed them to maintain a constant relevance despite the myriad fads and short-lived scenes that have emerged over the last two decades. Indeed few bands that prove so very influential in their infancy maintain the quality of output that Paradise Lost have. They formed the basis of an entirely new genre, gothic metal. Even now, fifteen years later, the influence of Paradise Lost is clearly visible on most Gothic and Heavy Metal bands. Since then the band - named after John Milton's epic 1667 poem - have released a number of musical highlights and genre merging masterpieces. Diran Noubar's Powerful Documentary portrays Paradise Lost's fantastic career on the year of their 20th anniversary and release of their 11th album. Through first-hand accounts from the band itself and many other dramatically influential acts, Noubar followed the band on Tour in Greece and Mexico, where they are regarded as Rock "gods", as well as to their city of Halifax, UK.

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