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The Legacy of Hickstead (2012)
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The Legacy of Hickstead


True dominance in sport is rarely seen. That’s why words like “Dynasty” and “Legend” are seldom used. The sport of show jumping is no exception.

To become a legend a horse must possess many qualities and be matched with the perfect rider. Get this combination right and you have the makings of something special.

Over the years Hickstead and Eric Lamaze would win countless competitions and their reputation as champions had them hailed as “best ever”.

Then from out of nowhere, tragedy struck. The news of Hickstead’s sudden passing stunned the nation and rocked an entire sport. Taken far too early, the diminutive stallion with the heroic heart will long be remembered.

His name conjures up images of packed stadiums, screaming fans and of a fiery little horse impossibly soaring over massive obstacles to yet another victory.

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